whatchu lookin at?

I am an initiate of Gardnerian Wicca, and serve in Cesig Gwynion, a coven located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My educational background is in religious studies and history, with research interests including various aspects of the Western Mystery Tradition; Mi’kmaw spirituality and healing; and the post-colonial Middle East. I’m currently of the opinion that I couldn’t be paid enough to pursue a PhD but one never knows when that might change.

I’m also a card-carrying member of the NCGR, a Master Mason in Wentworth Lodge no 108 under the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, and hold a few other titles that don’t really mean much to anyone outside of their related organizations.

When not spraying virtual graffiti over the net I spend my time making music (guitar, bass and a dash of harmonica); enjoying the outdoors; writing poetry (sometimes even passably); and engaging in various forms of labour-based Kaliism (read: union thugee-ry). I’m also insufferably proud of my home-made bread and share my life with an amazingly patient and open-minded wife and her less patient parrot.


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